Discover the power of a neck lift! Both women and men choose this procedure to get rid of sagging skin or get rid of a turkey neck. The result? A youthful appearance of the neck with tighter contours. Besides, neck correction by liposuction can remove the fat in your double chin. A slim neck and tight jaw contour will do wonders for your silhouette.

Price: 2950

Neck Correction Details

  • Surgery: 2 hours
  • General or local anesthesia
  • Small incision behind the ears
  • No overnight stay required
  • Bandages: 1 week

Neck lift in Barcelona

At Wellness Kliniek, you can count on a team of expert facial surgeons. Corrections to the neck and face have been among Wellness Kliniek's specialisms for more than 25 years. With a range of face and neck lift corrections performed by specialised and experienced surgeons, you choose and safe treatment, excellent aftercare and, of course, a radiant result!

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Safe neck lift surgery at Wellness Kliniek

Wellness Kliniek offers ISO 9001 guarantee, a certification that focuses on the quality of plastic neck lift surgery, safety of care, aftercare and patient satisfaction. Not for nothing was Wellness Kliniek chosen year after year as the number one clinic for excellent patient experiences with plastic surgery, according to research by WhatClinic.

How much does a neck lift cost?

At Wellness Kliniek, we value quality and patient satisfaction, but also transparency. We have therefore put the prices of the various types of neck lifts in a cost overview for you. Of course, you will receive personal advice in advance on the type of neck lift or neck correction that will suit you best to achieve the desired result. We will then also give you a concrete quote.

Neck lift Deep SMAS 5995
Neck lift Mini Platysma 2950

All prices are including VAT.

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Neck lift: Next Day Surgery Service

Wellness Kliniek receives women and men all over the world for a neck lift. We have therefore created the Next Day Surgery Service. This is a coordinated procedure where consultation and surgery take place on consecutive days, saving the patient travel time and costs. This service is optional and 100% free!

Find out more about Next Day Surgery

When to opt for a neck lift?

Both men and women can have a neck lift. The procedure lifting the neck is mainly chosen if you have sagging skin in the neck or under the chin. Skin ageing and wrinkles that you can't stop over the years by the way, but fortunately can be solved with a customised neck correction.

There are different types of neck correction, which are sometimes combined again with a facelift. Below, we would like to tell you a bit more about the options. Of course, you don't have to make the choice for a particular type of neck lift yourself, because the doctors will advise you what suits your face and neck best for the most beautiful result.

Below, we tell you about the different neck lift types.

Mini neck lift

If you have two vertical folds from your chin to the collarbone, then you are probably a good candidate for a mini neck lift. The platysma neck muscles can be tightened subcutaneously, making the folds disappear on their own. No skin is removed during a mini neck lift.

A mini neck lift is also known as platysmaplasty. The platysma is the thin, flat muscle in the neck that extends from the chest to the lower jaw and face. The plastic surgeon can correct this neck muscle subcutaneously, We also call this procedure neck muscle correction.

Deep Plane - SMAS neck lift

If you have developed sagging and excess skin in the neck due to ageing, then you are a good candidate for a Deep Plane - SMAS neck lift. The SMAS Deep Plane neck lift is the most popular at Wellness Clinic and is often combined with a facelift.

The Deep Plane - SMAS neck lift is an advanced surgical procedure in which the plastic surgeon corrects the deeper layers of the face and neck to achieve long-term rejuvenation.

The surgeon removes excess skin only after tightening and lifting the deeper tissues and muscle layer. As a result, the result looks beautiful and very natural.

MACS neck lift

If the skin in your neck is moderately sagging, you are eligible for a MACS neck lift.

A MACS neck lift is a simplified version of the Deep Plane neck lift to correct signs of ageing in the neck and jawline. MACS stands for 'Minimal Access Cranial Suspension' or vertical lift and is designed to achieve a more youthful and tighter appearance with minimal incisions and short recovery time. This procedure is also ideal to treat a turkey neck or turkey neck.

Traditional neck lift

A traditional neck lift is a surgical procedure in which excess skin is removed and muscles in the neck and double chin are tightened. It is a somewhat outdated method with longer recovery time and more visible scarring compared to the above, more specialised, neck lift options .

Liposculpture of the neck

If you have too much fat under your chin and around the neck, you may have a double chin. A fuller neck or double chin can make you look fatter than you actually are. With neck liposculpture, the surgeon can remove the excess fat through a small incision just under your chin.

With neck liposculpture, the chin and jawline are improved. Liposculpture also makes the skin around the neck a little tighter and firmer after the procedure. This treatment is also known as the non-surgical neck correction.

Neck lift and facelift combined

Incidentally, the neck lift can also be combined with a facelift. Like the other treatments, this is a customised procedure. The consulting surgeon can tell you in great detail what is possible, as well as what is recommended for the most radiant result.

Facelift treatment

Frequently asked questions about neck lift

What is a neck lift and how does it work?

A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure in which the skin of the neck is surgically 'lifted' to achieve a slimmer, smoother and more youthful appearance.

Age has a different effect on your face than on your neck. This is because the skin on your neck is thinner. Therefore, the neck often ages faster. Fat can also accumulate and wrinkles develop. A neck lift is then an efficient way to give this part of your body a nicer, slimmer contour. There are different types of neck lift, each with its advantages and disadvantages. You can read more about them on this page.

Who is a neck correction suitable for?

Does your skin hang a little looser under your chin? Then we speak of a turkey neck or a turkey neck. You are eligible for a neck lift if you have a turkey neck or turkey neck, or if you show signs of ageing, such as loose skin and sagging fat and muscle tissue in the neck.

A neck correction is always a customised procedure. It is important to realise that there are a number of factors that help determine whether you can undergo this procedure. The plastic surgeon will examine whether you are a suitable candidate.

Always be thoroughly informed. Our website will help you on your way, but of course does not replace a consultation with one of our doctor-specialists.

What is a double chin and what can be done about it?

A double chin is an accumulation of fat under the chin, resulting in an unwanted bulge. Liposculpture gives the best results to remove the fat pad under your chin evenly and permanently. It is a minor procedure with often spectacularly beautiful results. It significantly improves your silhouette.

Neck lift before and after: what can I expect?

With a neck lift, the skin in the neck is tightened, resulting in a younger appearance. This without taking away your individuality. Curious about results we can achieve with plastic surgery? Then check out the neck lift before and after photos.

How does a neck lift work?

A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that surgically lifts the neck by correcting the neck muscle, removing excess skin and fat, resulting in a tighter, more youthful appearance.

Depending on the type of lift, the operation takes about 1 to 2 hours, under local or general anaesthesia. In a neck lift, the surgeon makes a small incision behind the ears, after which the skin can be properly tightened.

The specific performance of the neck lift depends on the type of procedure. You will of course receive details of this during the no-obligation consultation.

Can I go home immediately after my neck lift?

An overnight stay is not necessary for a neck correction. You will be thoroughly checked during the day surgery, and usually you can go home the same day (may be different if you combine necklift with facelift). An overnight stay can be optionally booked if required.

Recovery of the necklift, what can I expect?

After about a week the bandage can be removed and in most cases you can return to your daily activities within 10 to 14 days (with the exception of heavy lifting). Of course, you will receive the rules of life from us so that you know what to expect.

Are the results of a neck correction permanent?

The results of a neck lift are permanent, visible from about three months after surgery. A neck lift creates a more youthful look but it does not stop the clock of ageing. Your neck also continues to age so it is possible that you may opt for a touch-up in the future.

The result of removing fat under the chin, in a double chin or double neck lift, is permanent. The removed fat cells do not grow back. You will enjoy this procedure for a lifetime.

Does a neck lift leave scars?

Depending on the type of neck lift or neck correction, it is sometimes necessary to make small or larger incisions. Doctors keep these incisions as minimal as possible and in places that are not or barely noticeable. Scars may be a little red and swollen at first; this is normal. Within a few weeks they will fade away, until eventually they are barely visible.

Does a neck correction hurt?

Not at all! The procedure is carried out under anaesthetic, so there will be no discomfort during the operation. However, you may experience some bruising after the operation. Of course, you will be given the right living rules and advised on pain-relieving medication to minimise your discomfort. Follow the rules of life for optimum speedy recovery.

What is a turkey neck and how to treat turkey neck?

A turkey neck refers to the sagging, wrinkled skin under your chin. A neck lift or neck correction can help correct this cosmetic problem.

Treating a 'turkey neck' is bespoke, as every neck is different. Turkey neck correction is a popular procedure at Wellness Clinic because many people have to deal with it. Especially due to getting older and after losing weight, the skin in your neck may have sagged. A neck lift, with removal of excess skin, is the solution.

Neck lift without surgery, is it possible?

A lifting procedure that corrects (parts of) the neck and/or face is quickly called surgery. However, with this question people rather mean: neck lift without scars or a non-surgical neck lift, is it possible? The answer is YES!

In a mini neck lift, the incision is kept very small. No skin is removed, which is why it is called the non-surgical neck lift.
Liposuction can be used to remove fat in a double chin. The incision is minimally small and is therefore called neck correction without surgery.

The consulting doctor will tell you about the options for your neck and face during a no-obligation consultation, so that you can make an informed choice about which type of procedure is right for you. A neck lift is always tailor-made, so feel free to indicate your wishes and expectations.

Should I combine a neck lift with a facelift?

You often see that the neck ages at a slightly faster rate than the face, because the skin there is a bit thinner. But you might also suffer from sagging skin on the face, or wrinkles. The ageing process, and the moment you decide to have cosmetic surgery, is different for everyone. For a natural result, it is important to keep the skin of your face and neck in harmony.

Regularly, both women and men choose to combine, for example, the Deep Plane facelift with a Deep Plane neck lift. Of course, you don't have to decide this now. It will be discussed with you in detail during the no-obligation consultation.

What is the best clinic for neck lift?

Through independent research by WhatClinic, Wellness Kliniek has emerged for years as the best plastic surgery clinic with excellent patient experiences, in Europe with the procedure neck lift and facelift on offer. The facial surgeons selected by Wellness Kliniek meet the highest international standards. Wellness Kliniek offers ISO 9001 certification, the standard for quality assurance.

Who is the best neck lift surgeon Spain?

At Wellness Kliniek, you choose an excellent combination of safety, professionalism, aftercare and top results. Not for nothing do people from all over Europe know how to find this clinic. Besides Wellness Kliniek Barcelona, patients can also go to Wellness Kliniek Belgium. Both clinics are renowned for facelift and necklift operations. The Clinic received an award for excellent patient experiences.

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