The best choice you can make is to choose for your happiness.

Since 1996, we at Wellness Kliniek are dedicated to spreading self-confidence and happiness to patients from around the world.

Today, with over 150.000 happy patients, we are proud to rank among the leading aesthetic surgery clinics in Europe.

There is no secret to our success. We simply offer: 

The highest quality of healthcare:
We have a systematic and structured approach to quality. Our policy is to focus on delivering responsible care. The care must be ethical, effective and appropriate, patient-focused and adapted to their specific needs. 

Transparency in advice, results and prices:
You will always receive honest advice. We do not work with consultants or salespeople. The consultation & operation are performed by the most experienced specialist in the field you require.

Hyper-specialized Surgeons:
We take great care in selecting our team of specialists. Each doctor is super-specialized in their respective field. We only perform treatments that are effective, minimally invasive, save and always stay within our range of expertise. 

Modern and high-tech infrastructure:
Each year we invest in upgrading our infrastructure. Not only for your comfort but mostly to keep up with the latest and least invasive surgical techniques. This allows the surgeons to perform the most suited technique for each individual patient.

Wellness Kliniek vs Others

We guarantee the best surgeon

We select the best doctor for you based on your treatment choice and your physiology. Our custom build software finds our most adequate doctor for your desired surgery by comparing your physiology with our specialists' history in treating similar patients.

No consultants or salespeople

We will never recommend or try and sell you an unwanted treatment. You only discuss your expectations with the doctor that will treat you. Only the treating doctor can inform you whether he/she can fulfill your wishes.

Free online advice

Complete the free advice form online and upload your photos and medical data. Our team of specialists will be happy to answer your questions, without any obligation and free of charge.

Included 24 hour a day aftercare

All our aftercare is free. Following your procedure, we are accessible and available to you 24 hours a day. We are there to support you day and night until you are fully recovered.

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