Are you a qualified plastic surgeon and want to super-specialise in aesthetic plastic surgery? Three-month internship at the Wellness Kliniek: the start of the experience of a lifetime! Work with experts in cosmetic surgery: an exceptional opportunity for exceptional plastic surgeons!

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Experts in Plastic Surgery

The Wellness Kliniek in Belgium is one of Europe's leading Cosmetic Surgery hospitals and has established a reputation for excellence within the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. 

Since 1996, Wellness Kliniek is a specialized hospital in cosmetic surgery and has since then performed over 150.000 cosmetic surgery procedures. Today, with well over 5000 surgeries every year, we are proud to rank among the largest cosmetic surgery hospitals in Europe. 

The department of plastic surgery has been awarded Quality certification since 2000.

Innovative techniques

The Wellness Kliniek team has developed some innovative techniques in the field of cosmetic surgery.

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