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Breast reduction - Gynecomastia

Gynaecomastia surgery

Gynaecomastia, almost half of all men, at some age, experience it. Sometimes men's breasts are caused by excess fat or a combination of fat and glandular tissue. Fortunately, it is easy to do something about it. Gynaecomastia surgery offers a great solution. The treatment is also known as gyno surgery, breast reduction and breast reduction for men. Below, we tell you more about the procedure.

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Gynecomastia Details

  • Surgery: 90 minutes
  • Sleep sedation or general anaesthesia
  • Incision: 2 cm
  • No overnight stay required
  • Recovery: 1 week
  • Special chest bandage

Frequently asked questions about gynaecomastia surgery

We understand that you have a lot of questions about gynaecomastia surgery. Therefore, below we answer the most frequently asked questions. Do you have other questions, are you curious what we can do for your chest? Then contact us or book a no-obligation consultation, online or on location.

What is gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia is the swelling of the mammary glands in men. The swelling can also occur behind one breast. Gynaecomastia can not only be aesthetically undesirable, but can also be painful. Often, the nipples are extra sensitive. This is very bothersome and can be resolved with gynaecomastia male treatment, also known as gyno surgery, breast reduction for men and breast reduction.

What is the cause of gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia man causes are often totally harmless. It is usually due to hormone fluctuations, causing the mammary glands to swell. You see this phenomenon mainly in adolescents, in ageing men or in men taking certain medications. In some cases, it is congenital.

In most cases, breast formation in men is not a worrying phenomenon, but if you are in doubt about the cause, we recommend you contact a doctor.

Breast formation in men, is it common?

Absolutely! This is not an uncommon phenomenon and around 50% of men get it to some extent later in life (or just temporarily during puberty). In some, it is barely visible and palpable, while others suffer more. This varies from person to person.

Many men prefer to hide breast formation, breast development in men, gynaecomastia or have it corrected with plastic surgery. This treatment is quite common and is in the top 3 most frequently performed aesthetic procedures for men at Wellness Kliniek.

Why gynaecomastia surgery?

Men's breasts, also known as man boobs or moobs, are not sexy. Excess fat and glandular tissue cause your breasts to thicken. You are not very happy about it and want to do something about it. You want to go through life proud and bare-breasted. This is why gynaecomastia surgery is recommended for men.

Men are increasingly experiencing breast growth, also known as gynaecomastia. Usually, breast growth is harmless, but annoying. Breasts are beautiful for women, but not for men. Aesthetic gyno surgery is simple and quick, and the best solution for a beautiful end result.

Who is gynaecomastia surgery suitable for?

Gynaecomastia surgery is for men. Men's breasts (breast formation) occur when too much fat and glands are accumulated in a man's breasts. Gynaecomastia symptoms are swollen breasts, also known as men's breasts.

Men's breasts usually occur in young men due to excess weight. In slightly more mature men, it is because the man produces a bit more oestrogens. Often, the cause of male breast formation is harmless and the excess fat and glandular tissue can be easily removed.

Weight training can tone your chest muscles, but you can't always get rid of the fat on top. If this is the situation with you, then you are probably a good candidate for gynaecomastia surgery. The procedure can be done from the age of 18.

Optionally, breast reduction can be combined with nipple correction for men.

Can I undergo breast reduction surgery as a man?

Absolutely! This is actually just called gynaecomastia surgery / breast reduction. Of course, the surgeon at Wellness Kliniek will advise you transparently about the options for your chest. This will give you a good idea of the achievable results. If you suffer from excessive glandular or fatty tissue, breast reduction is almost always an option.
In some cases, it is advised to wait a little longer with the procedure. For example, if you still want to lose weight, then it is sometimes better to do that before having the breast reduction done. If the specialist suspects that the excessive breast formation has another cause, you will be referred to your GP or endocrinologist.

How does gynaecomastia surgery work?

Men's breast removal is fortunately not a very difficult procedure. Men's breast reduction surgery takes about 90 minutes in total. After the operation, you will be given a tight bandage around your chest. You may go home or to your hotel the same day.

The surgeon will make a small incision of about 2 centimetres in your areola or exceptionally around the areola to remove excess fat and glandular tissue through this opening.
An incision in the areola ensures the most beautiful end result. In fact, the idea is that you will hardly see anything of the procedure later on. Necessary aftercare is minimal and the stitches are self-dissolvable. After a few weeks, you can resume sports in bare breast.

Recovery gynaecomastia surgery, what can I expect?

After gyno surgery, you may go home the same day. However, you will need to rest for a few days. You can normally return to (light) work after a week. We advise you not to engage in heavy activities, such as sports or bodybuilding, for the first three weeks.

Most men experience little pain after the procedure. A mild painkiller is usually sufficient.

After the procedure, the surgeon will give you instructions on aftercare. Follow these carefully.
Nipples are often sensitive and you are probably not looking forward to having wires removed. This is why the surgeon at Wellness Kliniek uses special self-dissolving sutures. This means that the threads fall out automatically, and very easily.

If all goes well, about six weeks later you will hardly notice any signs of your gynaecomastia surgery and you can swim and play sports with your bare chest with confidence.

Will you continue to see a gynaecomastia scar after surgery?

The incision is usually made in the areola and sometimes all around. making the small scar disappear neatly. Take good care of it, and it will hardly be visible after 6 weeks. The scar will continue to fade over time, so that eventually it will be barely visible, if at all.

Gynaecomastia scars are best protected from the sun, for the first 6 months, with a cream with protection factor 50+.

Can I combine breast reduction with nipple correction?

Yes definitely! Are you not so happy with the volume in your breasts and the shape of your nipples? Then you can combine gynaecomastia surgery (breast reduction) with a nipple correction for men.

If you have oversized nipples, puffy nipples, uneven nipples, a retracted nipple or just nipples that protrude too far, there is a simple solution. Nipple correction man is often combined with breast reduction man. After all, the goal is to create breasts you are happy with, so you can go through life proudly bare-chested again.

Does breast reduction surgery for men provide relief for uneven breasts?

Absolutely! The surgeon aims for a balanced result. For uneven male breasts, which is not an uncommon phenomenon, they can be evened out using gynaecomastia surgery.

Is gynaecomastia men's surgery permanent?

The result of men's breast removal is essentially permanent. The surgeon removes excess fat cells and excess glandular tissue. Fat cells do not grow back. However, the remaining fat cells can grow back if you gain a lot of weight.

It is therefore important to know that certain factors, such as changes in weight and hormone fluctuations, can cause new breast growth. A repeat treatment men's breast removal is then possible. But, usually you are helped for life in one go.

Can women suffer from gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia surgery in Barcelona

Wellness Kliniek has an international quality label and has been the reference for aesthetic breast surgery and gynaecomastia surgery for men for over 25 years. The clinic has an international reputation and works with experienced specialists. Through independent research by WhatClinic, the clinic was named number one European clinic year after year for excellent patient experience in plastic surgery.

Gynaecomastia before and after photos

Safe breast reduction for men at Wellness Kliniek

Do you have relatively large male breasts, also known as moobs or manboobs? Would you like to get rid of them? The surgeons at Wellness Kliniek provide safe breast reduction surgery, or gynaecomastia surgery or breast reduction. In around 90 minutes, you will get the chest you can be proud of. Wellness Kliniek offers ISO 9001 guarantee, a certification and the recognised standard in quality management and patient satisfaction.

Gynaecomastia meaning: medical term for excessive breast formation in men

What does gynaecomastia surgery cost?

The cost depends on the type of gynaecomastia surgery. Fat in your breasts can be easily removed by the doctor with liposuction. Sometimes it is important to also remove glands; this is a price supplement. An additional option is skin resection, although this will rarely be necessary.

At a consultation, the plastic surgeon looks at what kind of breast formation you have. There are several causes that give reason for gynaecomastia man surgery and determine the cost:

  • Liposuction gynaecomastia
  • Liposuction and glandular gynaecomastia
  • Liposuction, gland and skin reduction

Depending on what you need, the doctor will suggest the right treatment to you and give you more information about the associated costs. Wellness Kliniek applies a transparent all-in price for a breast reduction gynaecomastia, including the appropriate precaution, aftercare, anaesthesia and VAT. So you know exactly where you stand.

For a detailed overview of the prices for gynaecomastia breast reduction - breast reduction, check out the page prices and costs for male breast reduction.

Chest reduction Gynecomastia | Fat removal 1950
Gynaecomastia | liposcution + Gland removal 2995
Gynaecomastia | liposcution + Gland removal + skin resection 3950

Gynaecomastia prices

Gynaecomastia men with Next Day Surgery Service

At Wellness Kliniek, we welcome men all over the world for breast reduction. We therefore offer the Next Day Surgery Service. With this coordinated approach, the consultation and gynaecomastia treatment take place on consecutive days, saving the client travel time. This service is optional and completely free of charge.

Want to know more about Next Day Surgery?

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Before you as a man actually take the step of opting for gynaecomastia surgery, we think it's important to go through the treatment with you. We also check whether the desired results are in line with the possibilities for your chest. This allows us to advise you personally. Schedule your appointment at Wellness Kliniek now.

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