Discover the results of gynaecomastia surgery. On this page, we show our gynaecomastia before and after photos, so you can get a clear picture of the options. Book a consultation with a surgeon. Discuss your needs and options for a beautiful result.

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Male Breast Reduction Surgery
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Gynecomastia Procedure
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Men with overdeveloped breasts can choose a male breast reduction surgery.

What is male gynaecomastia?

Breast formation in men is common. The solution is breast reduction. Breast reduction for men is also known as gynaecomastia surgery.

The word gynaecomastia means excessive breast development in men or boys. Gynaecomastia can be related to your hormone balance, which causes you to develop more mammary gland or you have too many fat cells in your breast. Fortunately, gynaecomastia is easily remedied with breast reduction surgery for men. Before and after photos show what is possible with plastic surgery.

Breast reduction men photos

We are happy to show some before and after photos of breast reduction in men. During a no-obligation consultation with your surgeon, you will discuss which surgery is most suitable. The goal of breast reduction in men is to give the chest a nice tight, masculine silhouette.

Best clinic gynaecomastia surgery

If you want to do something about gynaecomastia, you will naturally choose an experienced surgeon and a reliable clinic. At Wellness Kliniek, we guarantee ISO 9001 quality. Wellness Kliniek was the first plastic surgery clinic in Europe with this certificate. Moreover, we were awarded by the independent patient platform WhatClinic as the best clinic. We won the Award for Outstanding Patient Experience. So you are in good hands for your gyno surgery.

Gyno surgery for men at Wellness Kliniek Barcelona

At Wellness Kliniek, we find it important to tailor the gyno surgery perfectly to your body.

  • Breast reduction can possibly be combined with liposuction of the breasts. The surgeon can remove glandular tissue and/or fat in your breasts.
  • If necessary, an additional option is to remove excess skin (skin resection).
  • Sometimes a nipple correction for men or areola correction is additionally desired.

The surgeon will agree with you on the best solution for your body.

The gyno surgery, under sleep anaesthesia, takes about 90 minutes on average. The surgeon ensures that the incision is as small as possible, in a place where it is least visible. The gyno scar will gradually fade over time

What does breast reduction for male gynaecomastia cost?

Wellness Kliniek offers transparent all-in prices. The cost depends on the type of gynaecomastia treatment needed to give your breast a sleek masculine silhouette. A standard gynaecomastia surgery includes VAT and all care at Wellness Kliniek.

Discover all gynaecomastia surgery prices.

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