Do you live far away or want to save time and money? Then we offer you the Next Day Surgery programme; your consultation and treatment on consecutive days. All this at no extra cost!

International clientele

Wellness Kliniek attracts mainly foreign patients because of its reputation for high-quality cosmetic surgery and attractive prices compared to other countries.

We want to make it as easy as possible for our international clientele. We therefore offer a Next Day Surgery Service, where you get the consultation and procedure within 48 hours, optionally and now (temporarily) 100% free of charge. This efficient service is available both at our clinic in Belgium and Barcelona.

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Schedule your appointment for consultation & surgery

The procedure around booking and confirming your surgery is simple. You make a booking online, the surgeon and anaesthetist study your file and examine whether you are a good candidate for the treatment. We then confirm your (consultation and surgery) appointments. After receiving our confirmation, you can book your trip to Genk, Belgium or Barcelona. You can usually be admitted within 4 to 6 weeks.

Book online

Book your Next Day Surgery appointment online, via our website or call us. You choose a preferred date for your surgery and make a down payment.

We will immediately start creating your medical record:

  • You will be asked to provide photos, specific information about your health and wishes regarding the procedure.
  • Your surgeon will ask you to upload 3 clear photos: left profile, right profile and front view of the area to be treated.
  • Your anaesthetist wants to know everything about your general state of health.

That way, the surgeon and anaesthetist can properly assess your aesthetic desire and your health and determine whether you are a suitable candidate. Sometimes additional medical tests or examinations are needed to make a decision.

  • A staff member will contact you. We will confirm within 5 working days whether you are a suitable candidate for surgery.

You can make an appointment for a video consultation or an e-consultation with the surgeon.

Travel to Wellness Kliniek

  • After we have confirmed your surgery, the team will begin preparations.
  • Wait to book a flight, train ticket or hotel stay until you have received written confirmation from us, so you can be sure that your surgery will go ahead.

We look forward to welcoming you on the day of your physical consultation with the surgeon. The day after, the surgeon, anaesthetist and the whole team will be ready for you to perform the procedure. We will arrange your aftercare and assist you until full recovery.

Book online

Frequently asked questions about Next Day Surgery Service

Want to know more about waiting times, surgeons' availability, procedures around booking and confirming surgery, aftercare or cancellation conditions? Read the frequently asked questions below. If your question is not among them, contact us! We are at your service.

How long is the waiting time for a Next Day Surgery appointment?

We do our best to keep the waiting times for your Next Day consultation & surgery as short as possible. Patients for the Next Day Surgery programme are given VIP priority. You can usually get an appointment within 4 to 6 weeks. We are happy to inform you about the surgeons' availability. Call us or check online. Through our website, booking is easy.

How to book an e-consultation with the surgeon?

At Wellness Kliniek, you can easily book any consultation online, via our website. During the video consultation with the surgeon, you will discuss your wishes and expectations in detail. The surgeon will check whether your wishes can be met, you will discuss the cost of the procedure and the risk of complications. Make sure you have a good internet connection and that the room where you have the conversation is private and quiet.

How is aftercare follow-up for people living far away?

For our international patients, or people who live far from the clinic, aftercare is arranged in the most efficient way, so you can have surgery abroad with confidence:

  • Personalised aftercare instructions: After the procedure, you will receive detailed, instructions on wound healing, medications, activity limitations and signs of complications to watch out for. You will stay in touch with us and can call us whenever you feel the need.
  • Referral to your local doctor: If necessary, the surgeon may work with local doctors or nurses for physical checks or treatments. You will be given a referral letter, if necessary, for the healthcare professional in your area.
  • Threads and sutures dissolve on their own: Where possible, we use self-dissolving sutures, which dissolve on their own. In other cases - if you wish - you can consult a nursing service near you, so you don't have to travel far to have threads (sutures) removed.
  • 24/7 Reachable for aftercare: Any questions can be asked, the surgeon is at your disposal 24/7. You are given your doctor's personal number so that you are helped directly, efficiently and quickly.
  • Digital monitoring via photos, calls and video calls: Follow-up consultations between patient and doctor can take place both by phone and video consultation. Here, the surgeon can request photos in advance to assess the patient's progress.

All aftercare follow-up consultations at the Wellness Kliniek, for one year after your procedure, are included in the treatment price free of charge. Third-party costs are at the patient's expense.

Can I change or cancel my reservation for Next Day Surgery free of charge?

Yes, you can. Both you and the surgeon have the right to cancel the procedure without reason. If you decide you want to cancel the procedure, we will refund you the fees already paid (at Wellness Kliniek). Costs to third parties, such as medical tests, travel and hotel costs are always the patient's responsibility. For more information, read the terms and conditions of sale.

Sales Conditions

Why choose Belgium or Barcelona?

Plastic surgery (breast augmentation, facelift, rhinoplasty, tummy and thigh correction) can often be cheaper abroad, such as Turkey and India. This is due to lower operating costs, differences in currencies and lower labour costs in the country concerned.

Cheaper is always possible. However, it is important to consider quality of care and quality guarantees. This is why people like to choose a reputable European clinic and the Next Day Surgery programme offered by Wellness Kliniek Belgium and Wellness Kliniek Barcelona. Quality and safety take priority over cost savings.

Why is the Next Day Surgery programme so popular?

Wellness Kliniek has an international clientele. Famous people - often from the entertainment or sports world, who enjoy public attention - choose Wellness Kliniek's Next Day Surgery programme because of the efficiency of their time, the high quality of care, confidentiality, the surgeons' expertise and the good results. Our goal is always to achieve the most beautiful aesthetic result in the shortest possible time, with minimal work loss.

How to enjoy advantageous (temporary) prices for longer ?

Besides a well-coordinated consultation surgery service on consecutive days, you can enjoy advantageous prices when you book treatment with Next Day Surgery online. You pay no extra charges for this service!

Treatment prices may change. Book today to lock in the price. When you book a treatment with Next Day Surgery, the price remains valid for 2 months. Within these 2 months, you need to fix the dates for your consultation and procedure to continue enjoying the relevant price offer. Please note that places for Next Day Surgery are limited.

Wellness Kliniek Belgium or Wellness Kliniek Barcelona?

Next Day Surgery (free consultation and treatment within 48 hours) is available at both Wellness Kliniek Genk (Belgium) and Wellness Kliniek Barcelona (Spain). So you choose your preferred location. This way, you could even combine an operation with a holiday. When booking, specify the location where you want the procedure to be performed, and check our page for international patients.

Surgery Abroad

Important! Tips and facts

  • Wait to book a flight, train ride or hotel until you have received confirmation from us that your operation can go ahead. We will send you confirmation of the date within 5 working days of paying for your booking.
  • If you are not a resident of the European Community (EU), you will probably need a visa.
  • Bring proof of identification: a passport or identity card.
  • Ask your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend to come with you to the clinic. It is important that someone stays with you during the first night after your procedure. The procedure cannot be performed if you are not accompanied by an adult (at least 18 years old).
  • Sign in sober on the day of surgery. You must not have eaten or drunk.
  • You must not drive yourself, even by bicycle, 24 hours after the operation. Moreover, you must not use public transport immediately after the operation either.
  • Our surgeons recommend that you stop smoking. This is because smoking can have a detrimental effect on wound healing.

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When you choose Wellness Kliniek, you choose one of the largest aesthetic surgery clinics, in Europe. We have helped more than 150,000 clients since 1996, and we are proud of our good results and international reputation. Let us know if we can help you with anything. Call us or make your reservation online right away.

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