Would you like a tight neck (again) and are curious about the options? Take a look at the neck lift before and after photos and discover the results of this treatment.

Before Neck Correction Before
After Neck Correction After
SMAS Neck Lift
Before Neck Correction Before
After Neck Correction After
SMAS Neck lift for a fermer neck
Before Neck Correction Before
After Neck Correction After
SMAS Neck Lift to reduce neck fat

Neck correction photos at Wellness Kliniek

Before you decide on a neck correction, you will of course want to know where you stand. To help you form an impression, we have collected a number of before-and-after photos of neck surgery for you on this page. Curious about what we can do for you? Then book a no-obligation consultation.

Neck lift before and after photos: professional & safe!

Wellness Kliniek is a leading clinic that received the WhatClinic Award for outstanding patient experience year after year. Photos neck lift before and after show what is possible with plastic surgery and what you can expect from aesthetic surgery. ISO quality certification is the guarantee that you are in good hands.

Wellness Kliniek have an excellent reputation for the outstanding service they provide. Patients appreciate the professional and caring approach of the medical staff, the efficiency of the medical processes with emphasis on patient satisfaction. It is a place where safety, comfort and results are paramount.

Wellness Kliniek offers ISO 9001 guarantee, the international standard in quality management, which contributes to the clinic's positive reputation.

Neck lift photos results

There are different types of neck surgery, some requiring skin removal and some not. The specialised doctors at Wellness Kliniek always aim for the most beautiful picture (result). In any case, the neck lift before and after result is exceptional and will make you feel better about yourself again, literally and figuratively!

Mini neck lift before and after photos

You may be curious about the possibilities in the field of neck surgery. With a mini neck lift (platysma correction), the muscles in the neck are tightened. A mini neck lift is also known as platysma neck correction and platysmaplasty.

The surgical procedure focuses on restoring and tightening the muscles at the front of the neck. These front neck muscles are called platysma. During the procedure, the muscles of the platysma are tightened to reduce folds and sagging in the neck area. As a result, the neck looks more beautiful and younger again, without the need to remove any skin.

Deep SMAS neck lift before and after photos

If you also suffer from excess skin, the Deep SMAS neck lift is a good choice. The SMAS (Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System) is a layer of tissue connected to muscles in the neck. When this tissue starts to droop heavily then the skin on the neck becomes saggy. To resolve this, the muscles are not only tightened but excess skin is also removed.

MACS neck lift before and after photos

We can additionally show you photos of a MACS neck lift. This gives similar results to the SMAS neck lift, but the difference is that the procedure is slightly less intensive and is suitable if especially the skin is sagging in (turkey neck). This procedure ensures minimal incisions and quick recovery.

Liposuction neck before and after photos

Liposuction of the neck is intended for people with excess fat in the area under the chin and along the jawline. If your skin is firm but you suffer from fat at the neck and under the chin, liposuction neck offers a solution. With liposuction, neck, double chin and jawline are improved. The skin around the neck also tends to tighten and firm up with this procedure.

Facelift and neck correction before and after photos

Combining a neck lift and a facelift can provide an overall improvement in your appearance, as both procedures target different parts of the face and neck.

When combining neck lift with a facelift, additional procedures can also be performed, such as correction of your lower and upper eyelids. With a combination facelift - neck lift - eyelid correction, you achieve a more comprehensive rejuvenation.

We perform the facelift and neck correction in such a way that you go for a natural result where your look looks younger. So you don't have to worry about the 'tightened' face. View facelift before and after photos here.

Before and after neck lift photos men and women

Both women and men regularly opt for a neck lift, often also in combination with a facelift. Good to know is that in addition to the above neck correction methods, there are other options as well. For instance, a double chin or turkey neck can also be solved with liposuction alone in some cases. We will be happy to inform you personally.

What are the (mini) neck lift costs?

We would like to emphasise that safety and transparency are of paramount importance to us. This is reflected, for example, in our accessible price table where you can see the necklift prices. Not sure which type of neck lift suits you best? No worries, the specialist will advise you during the consultation.

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Neck correction before and after photos: book a no-obligation consultation!

Proud to say that we have already made many patients happy with a beautiful neck. A neck that looks younger and matches how you feel. Wondering which method suits you best and what you can expect in detail from the procedure and the accompanying recovery? Do you have questions about a neck lift? Contact us and schedule a no-obligation consultation with the specialists at Wellness Kliniek.

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