A thigh lift is a cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin and fat from the outer and/or inner thighs. It is often recommended after substantial weight loss, or when excess tissue in the upper thighs will not respond to diet and exercise. A thigh lift may also be performed as part of a “mommy makeover” procedure and may be performed in combination with liposuction to recontour the upper thighs.

Price: 4130

Thigh Lift Details

  • Surgery: 2 hours
  • Sleep sedation or general anaesthesia
  • Incision: 20 - 40 cm
  • No overnight stay required
  • Recovery: 14 - 28 days
  • Compression garment

Suitable candidates for a thigh lift

The skin loses its elasticity after weight loss, pregnancy or just as a result of the aging process. The skin of the upper leg can become saggy, wrinkly and puckered as a result. Excess skin can be aesthetically displeasing but also cause functional problems. The skin between the upper legs can become irritated as a result of friction caused by walking. A thigh or upper leg lift (also called thighplasty) can offer a solution.

You must have the right motivations for considering having a thigh lift. The exact position of the scar and details of your post-operative recovery will be discussed with you at length beforehand. The surgeon will examine all the possibilities and suggest the best treatment for you to achieve the most beautiful results.

Thigh lift procedure

All thigh lift and upper leg lift treatments can be performed under intravenous sedation: a new operating technique that makes surgery considerably safer. A medial or lateral thigh lift can be performed as day surgery. This means that you return home or to your hotel the evening after your procedure. After a thighplasty you normally stay at the Kliniek overnight.

A thigh lift or upper leg lift just removes the excess skin and subcutaneous tissue. With liposuction-liposculpture, we can also remove any excess fat. Both procedures can be performed during the same operation. 

What to expect?

After the procedure, you will be given special aftercare instructions. It is important that someone comes to pick you up as you are not allowed to drive yourself after having plastic surgery. Make sure that you are not alone during the first 24 hours after your procedure.

An elastic bandage, corset or pantyhose are worn, depending on the doctor's advice, day and night for a period of between 2 to 6 weeks. The elastic pressure bandage provides support: it feels comfortable. The bandage ensures that the skin is kept smooth and tight.

The scar must be kept dry until the stitches have been removed. Avoid putting the scars under any pressure. The external stitches are removed about 12 days after the procedure. You may then shower with lukewarm water, but not yet take a bath. The subcutaneous stitches will dissolve by themselves. After two weeks you can resume light activities. It is advisable to move about - within the bounds of acceptable comfort - and remain active. After 6-8 weeks you can resume most sporting and other activities.

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