Shedding a light on the specialized approaches required for rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty for Asian people at Wellness Kliniek Barcelona.

blog 13/02/2024

Understanding the Nuances of Asian Cosmetic Surgery

Insights from the doctors of the Wellness Kliniek In the realm of cosmetic surgery, the unique features of Asian facial anatomy are getting increased attention. Mrs. Marly-Ann Spronken, founder of Wellness Kliniek presents the doctors of the Wellness Kliniek. The specialists are board-certified plastic surgeons with extensive experience in the Far East. They practice plastic surgery at Wellness Kliniek Barcelona.

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Asian Rhinoplasty

Reshaping with Ethnic Sensitivity Research underscores the anatomical differences between Asian and Caucasian noses. Asians often have a lower nasal bridge and a wider, less defined tip. Consequently, Asian rhinoplasty at Wellness Kliniek typically aims to elevate and narrow the bridge while refining the tip, in contrast to the reduction focus in Caucasian rhinoplasty. “The goal is to enhance the nose while preserving the patient’s ethnic identity,” explain the doctors of the Wellness Kliniek.

Asian Blepharoplasty

Crafting the Ideal Eyelid The upper eyelids also present distinct characteristics in Asian patients, including a less defined crease, excess fat, and varying epicanthal folds. The Wellness Kliniek Asian approach in Asian blepharoplasty is to create a natural-looking upper lid crease, remove excess fat, and modify the epicanthal fold as needed. This tailored approach ensures that the eyelids harmonize with other facial features.

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The Allure of “Aegyo Sal”

A unique aspect of Asian beauty trends is the “Aegyo sal” or “cute skin” popular in Korea and beyond. This aesthetic preference is for the fullness under the lower eyes, distinct from eye bags. “Aegyo sal appears when smiling, adding to a youthful and innocent appearance, while eye bags are persistent and often darker,” note the doctors of the Wellness Kliniek.

Expertise at Wellness Kliniek

The doctors of the Wellness Kliniek’s expertise in Asian plastic surgery is rare in the West-European region. With their international background and years of experience in the Far East, they bring a deep understanding of Asian aesthetics. Wellness Kliniek distinguishes itself with its capacity to cater specifically to Asian patients, a service not commonly found in Western-trained surgeons.

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Wellness Kliniek has a special service for people coming from abroad. We can plan your consultation and operation on consecutive days. Learn more on our service for international clientele. This extra service is free of charge. During consultations, we sometimes utilize computer imaging to simulate potential outcomes, offering a comprehensive and personalized planning experience. Our work is not just about aesthetic enhancement but about respecting and preserving cultural and ethnic identities, a philosophy that is central to the success of cosmetic procedures at Wellness Kliniek. You can book your consultation with the doctors of the Wellness Kliniek online.

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