Age, gravity, heredity or weight fluctuation might be keeping you from having the attractive, well-shaped backside you desire. The fat deposits are often resistant to dieting and exercise. Here at the Wellness Kliniek, our expert surgeons can safely sculpt your backside and create a healthy, curvy silhouette, performing the popular Brazilian Butt Lift. A Brazilian Butt Lift typically consists of liposculpture (fat removal) and lipostructure for fat transfer to the buttocks.

Price: 950 1950

Brazilian Butt Lift Details

  • Surgery: 90 minutes
  • Sleep sedation or general anaesthesia
  • Incision: 5 mm
  • No overnight stay required
  • Recovery: 3 - 7 days
  • Compression garments

Suitable candidates for a brazilian butt lift

If your general health is good and you don't suffer from a tendency to bleed heavily, then you can have a Brazilian Butt Lift without extensive pre-examinations. If this is not the case then adequate medical examination or blood tests may be advisable.

A brazilian butt lift procedure

During a Brazilian Butt Lift, the surgeon harvests fat from the hips or abdominal region with liposuction. The harvested fat is then purified by removing dead and damaged cells. The purified fat cells are re-injected into the area where more volume is required. With a Brazilian Butt Lift, the uppermost quadrant of the buttocks is filled.

You should know that the final amount injected will NOT be the amount which is removed. The surgeon can usually remove 800 to 1500 cc of fat in an area where you want to lose it most. The harvested fat cells are then purified this healthy fat is eligible for use as a filler. The average amount of purified fat cells that your surgeon can transplant per buttock, with success, is therefore between 200 to 350 cc per session. To obtain the volume some patients desire, several sessions of treatment might be necessary. If you like to add 600 cc volume, you might need two to three treatments. 

What to expect?

Some tenderness, bruising and soreness may occur, but pain medications can be provided for your comfort. Swelling and discomfort will slowly reduce over the days following surgery. A compression garment may be needed to help the healing process and diminish swelling.

Most patients find they can return to their normal activities within 3 - 6 days, although every patient will heal at a different rate. You must keep the legs moving, taking frequent breaks from sitting. Healthy circulation will improve both your recovery and your mood.

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