During childbirth, the vagina may need to be cut (an episiotomy) or it may tear. Often the scar remains painful and prevents sexual intercourse. The vagina and labia can also be damaged by trauma. Plastic surgery can offer a solution.

Vaginal Scar Revision Details

  • Surgery: 30 minutes
  • General or sleep sedation
  • No overnight stay required
  • Recovery: 1 week

Sorry, this treatment is only available in our Belgian clinic. Please send an email if your would like to receive more information.

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Suitable candidates for vaginal scar revision

Women who are left with painful scarring following childbirth, or caused by an accident (trauma), are good candidates for a surgical revision of their genital area. 

Vaginal scar revision procedure

Our doctors - specialists will advise you on the treatment best suited to your individual needs. Besides functional reasons, this treatment is also suitable for purely aesthetic reasons. It is important that you feel good about yourself. Every woman has the right to self-confidence during sexual intercourse.

These problems are both individual and unique and need to be assessed on this basis by the gynaecologist or the surgeon.
Reconstructive procedures may require the use of complicated skin grafts or flap designs in order to compensate for tissue loss through religious mutilation or inadvertent surgery performed in the past.

What to expect?

Most patients are very happy following vaginal scar revision surgery. They benefit from aesthetic improvement, experience considerably less pain or none at all. Their quality of life is improved significantly.

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Our strengths

Top Surgeons

Our team of aesthetic surgeons are amongst the most experienced and qualified in their field. They will make sure that you are well-informed, offered honest advice, assured, comfortable and safe during every stage of your procedure. 

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Offering quality care before, during and after treatment is one of the pillars of the Wellness Kliniek. We are ISO 9001 certified. Our medical and surgical procedures, as well as our facilities, have been universally recognized.

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We make sure we put safety, expertise and patient satisfaction at the core of what we do. We consider it to be extremely important for you to be able to balance the risks and the expected results as well as possible. This is why you are always entitled to free preoperative consultations. 

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