Worried about breast implant safety? You're not the only one. In the past, the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate has issued several warnings about breast implants. These warnings were often related to problems in the production process, administrative shortcomings or even fraud. It is understandable to wonder: are my breast implants safe?

Of course, you are entitled to information and want to know why your surgeon chooses a particular breast prosthesis.

At Wellness Kliniek, we understand your concerns and are committed to providing you with the most reliable and safe options. This is why, preferably, we consciously choose silicone breast implants made from a single (mono)block.

Why is this important? Implants made from one (mono)block have less risk of complications such as rupture or leakage, contributing to your safety and peace of mind. The Monobloc implant from French Laboratoires Arion has been on the market for 30 years and has proven reliability.

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Wellness Kliniek has more than 25 years of experience with this technology. This gives us the confidence that we are making a safe choice with Monobloc implants from Laboratories Arion.

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Read about Monobloc implants

We consider transparency of information essential at Wellness Kliniek, so that women considering breast augmentation know what to expect and what is involved. Through information provision and personal consultations, we ensure that an informed choice can be made.

Read more about the features of Monobloc implants from Laboratoires Arion and find out when these or other brands of implants are recommended.

Which is the best breast implant?

Eight reasons why the surgeons at Wellness Kliniek, preferably, choose Monobloc prostheses:

  1. Monobloc implants consist of one (mono) block. The prostheses are filled with a solid, highly cohesive, silicone gel. This is a good substitute for liquid silicone.
  2. The envelope (the outside) of the Monobloc implant has no weld or bonded closure. This is a weak area of most breast implants.
  3. The Monobloc SoftOne implant is soft and elastic. This makes the implant suitable for the MIBIS (Minimally Invasive Breast Implant Surgery) surgical method. MIBIS guarantees a short procedure, a small scar and quick recovery.
  4. Monobloc prostheses from Laboratoires Arion are made in France. A European brand has European quality certificates. The controlling body of the French government inspects the factory and the quality of the implant every year.
  5. Monobloc implants have been on the market for 30 years with no problems.
  6. Wellness Kliniek has +25 years of experience with MonoBloc SoftOne prostheses.
  7. The surgeons at Wellness Kliniek have already helped thousands of women with breast augmentation with Monobloc SoftOne implants.
  8. The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty on the implant.

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When to choose Monobloc implants?

Above you can read 8 reasons why surgeons at Wellness Kliniek, preferably, choose the Monobloc type. Monobloc from Laboratoires has a limited range, and is not available in extra-large sizes or certain shapes.

For special shapes or cup sizes above 550cc, surgeons at Wellness Kliniek choose Motiva implants.

Your surgeon at Wellness Kliniek will advise you personally based on your wishes and your physique. Schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Information on Monobloc implants

Monobloc SoftOne breast implants have the following properties.

  • Natural feel: The filling is made of a soft, cohesive (solid) silicone gel. The feeling is similar to that of real breast tissue. As a result, the prosthesis feels very natural.
  • Minimal risk of leakage: The prosthesis is made of one (mono) block. A solid block of silicone - i.e. no liquid - protects against leaks. The shell (the envelope) provides additional protection. The name says it all: the 'Mono-bloc' breast implant consists of a single unit. The closure is autogenously fused to the rest of the envelope, hence the name Monobloc. In other implants, the closure (seal) is often glued in place, which sometimes causes it to come loose, resulting in a greater risk of leakage.
  • Strong and reliable: The elastomer casing is particularly strong. The manufacturing process of Monobloc prostheses guarantees high elasticity. This makes the implant strong, reliable and suitable for the MIBIS insertion method.

Are Monobloc implants safe?

Health authorities worldwide closely monitor the quality of breast implants. For women considering breast augmentation, it is important to be aware of any risks and side effects.

At Wellness Kliniek, we understand the importance of quality and safety for women considering breast augmentation. That is why we are committed to using only the best breast prostheses, which meet the highest safety standards. We are proud to say that in its more than 25-year history, Wellness Kliniek has never had a recall on breast implants. This proves our commitment to providing only the best and safest breast prostheses to our patients

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