Would you like to make someone happy with an original gift? Buy a Voucher for a loved one or for yourself.

Buy vouchers - Amount of your choice

Looking for an original gift? Who knows, maybe a voucher will suit someone you want to make happy!

Order a Wellness Kliniek voucher

Order a Wellness Kliniek voucher

A voucher is a very personal gift. And we understand that you don't want to be tied to certain amounts. We therefore invite you to contact us, so that together we can put together a personalised voucher. We are happy to help you, so get in touch and call or email us.

You can offer a voucher to someone who has already decided to schedule treatment at Wellness Kliniek, or you can give the value of a non-binding consultation as a gift. From a birthday to a gift for the festive days or just out of the blue, the choice is yours.

Why give a voucher as a gift?

Giving a Wellness Kliniek voucher can be a good fit for your partner, friends or family. Do you know someone is dreaming of a particular treatment? Then a voucher is definitely the right choice.  And it will save you 'stress' in searching for the perfect gift. Opt for something that appeals to your taste. In some countries, buying and gifting via gift vouchers offers tax advantages. You can also donate yourself a voucher.

Order a Wellness Kliniek gift voucher

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